Using a Seller’s Concession to pay Closing Costs

April 19, 2018

Closing Costs are one of the biggest hurdles facing Home Buyers today.  While they may have saved enough for a down payment, many Home Buyers haven’t saved up for these costs.

Closing Costs can add up to several thousand dollars.  Saving up this much can delay Home Buyers several month or years.

In this video, our Executive Vice President; Roger J Sanchez explains how Home Buyers can use a Seller’s Credit or Seller’s Concession to help pay for the costs required to close on their home.

We here at Rate House Mortgage Company understand how important it is to have overarching knowledge of Mortgage terms before completing the home buying process, so we’ve created this video series to help potential and first-time home buyers understand the process and how it affects them personally.

Learn how this process works and what you can do to put this option to work for you.

Call our expert team at 888-91-RATES to speak with a professional about any home or mortgage questions yo might have. We at Rate House Mortgage Company are always ready and happy to help and educate potential home buyers!

If you have any questions, or want to see if this option would work for you – please speak to one of our mortgage experts now!

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